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Keeping things clean helps make them last longer. Maintenance, preventive maintenance, cosmetic appeal, etc. And, your HOA may require it.

Probably! (One of the original uses for pressure washers was scraping barnacles off of dry docked ships!) House washing is not a pressure washing job. We use big nozzles that allow for high water volume safe enough to put your hand in front of! That also means rinsing power and rinsing is more than half of the job!

No. You will be provided with preparation details during our consultation.

We can provide 300 gallons of water on first trip for a fee, hauling distance is considered.

Hot water provides a tremendous difference! Driveways come cleaner, bare decks require much less pressure, chemicals react better, cold weather, there are many reasons. Cold water doesn’t clean as well and will still require full pressure on many surfaces, no matter the chemical. 

On average, once a year will suffice. It really depends on your surroundings, lot, and its maturity.

Yes. It’s not ideal but it can be done. We would decline during heavy wind and rain.

Probably not. It can fade or lessen, however concrete is like a sponge and oils stains can be very deep.

In short, No. They will still need to be cleaned to maintain their appearance.

That depends on your home and the amount of heated square feet makes little difference in price. A lot of factors determine the cost, e.g.: foot print, siding type/combination, dormers, eves, deck coating, etc.

An experienced, well equipped professional can properly do in two hours what you cannot in a day. Besides, house washing is not a pressure washing job. Also, consumer and prosumer grade machines do not generate the water volume required for distance and thorough rinsing, not to mention limited ability for chemical injection. They are really meant for light use such as car washing methods that can be applied to most outdoor surfaces and under the height of one story.

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