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SOFT House Washing and Roof Stains, Hot Washing for Driveways, Decking, Patios, Pavers, Fencing, and More!


“I challenge you to find a better Housewash!”

Our safe, low to no pressure HouseWash is much different than the average competitor. It’s like putting your house in a dishwasher. Several steps including treating the water supply tank for a clean, thoroughly rinsed home (especially windows), presoak, custom chemical mix for each project delivered at the appropriate ratio and temperature, and of course attention to detail and accuracy. Again, Lots of rinsing!

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Decks vary.  Most painted decks are included in a Housewash (you can’t wash one and not the other, like a walkway connected to a driveway).

Otherwise, decks are usually washed with a presoak and then hot water under low to mild pressure, evenly.

Please let us know if you plan to coat after cleaning.

We take decks seriously and take great pains to insure that your decks gets the best possible result.

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Driveways - Patios

Concrete, stone and brick driveways or patios are always cleaned with extremely hot water under appropriate pressure, usually with a walk behind surface cleaner.

Presoaked and often post-soaked with bleach. Slate and pavers are often done manually.  

We can assure you that you will be pleased with how well the results turn out for your patio driveway or walkways.

These are critical to your curb appeal.

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a few words about us

Hi, my name is Vade Lynch.

In 1976 my Grandfather opened Ace Industries Inc. in Cary, NC. Ace specialized in the sale and service of industrial cleaning equipment, and the manufacture of chemical cleaning compounds. In the beginning, Mom worked in the office, her three bothers and my Dad worked sales routes.

As a teenager, I worked in the shop and worked sales routes. By 1995 I left Ace and started my own business and in 1998 I opened MONSOON.

In the pressure washing industry, common sense and patience often take a back seat to chemical overkill and aggressive pressure.

Unfortunately, it’s not very practical for the average homeowner to “do it yourself”. A lot of practice and know how is required to achieve merely satisfactory results and this is a once a year type chore. Not to mention the potential dangers and intensive labor.

MONSOON Professional Exterior Cleaning specializes in Residential service, providing home owners with a safe & reliable resource for getting things done right.

MONSOON is the sum of three generations of experience combined with the right equipment, and a genuine desire to safely achieve surprising results and earn your recommendation in the process.

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Experienced professionals

22 years in business owned and operated by Vade Lynch, Monsoon is here to stay.  I’ve stayed on top of the Power washing business and learned along the way how big a difference the little things make.



At Monsoon we use the latest technological advances in Powerwashing, to insure you not only get quality results but that your home and property are protected from dangerous chemicals and harsh results extreme high pressure washing can bring.



You will find our prices to generally fit right in the middle when it comes to competition.  We don’t cut corners, endangering your property and we make sure we use the best products regardless of costs.

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