Durham House Wash

Pressure Wash Myths

    Here is an Interesting fact that helps illustrate why actual pressure washing isnt such a good idea for siding: Pressure washers were originally designed for scraping barnicles off the hull of dry docked ships. Not the approach one should take when washing a house.

  • Housewashing via foam bath – Not Pressure Washing
    Our house washing system safely removes
    • Mold
    • Mildew
    • Soils
    • Weathering Film
    • Bug's Nests and Webs
  • Plus we use a superior rinsing agent (jet dry) for clean windows!
  • BLACK streaked roofs are cleaned using our NO PRESSURE solution.

  • Pressure Cleaning Solutions
  • • Driveways
    • Deck and Fence Restoration
    • Cedar Roof Restoration
    • Cedar Roof Bleaching
    • Patios, Screened Porches
    • Walkways, Sidewalks. Steps
    • Gutters

    Hard work, professional service, the right gear, the right attitude and unmatched experience!
  • Earning your recommendation.